Our must/must not have baby items

I’m by no means an expert but so many people through the years have asked what my must haves would be for a baby registry. So here’s a list of things I can think of quickly that worked for our family 🙂 I can do a follow up post later as the boys grow if there are any new or different items!

•diapers and wipes! Duh! And for twins, lotssss

•car seat either infant or convertible or both depending on the size of your baby and what kind of stroller you get

•twin z pillow or boppy for singleton

•Double stroller- side by side or a travel system for singleton. We run and hike a lot so it was important to have a jogger that had big durable wheels.

•Small swing but the boys only used it for a month or so because we felt floor time/tummy time was more important

•Multiple bottles so you don’t feel rushed to constantly clean them or if they are in the dishwasher you don’t have to stress. Same with pumping parts. Have multiples.

•nursing tank tops were wayyyyy better than nursing bras for me but more specific tanks that were nursing and pumping.

•we didn’t use the bumbo and our physical therapist said not to anyway

•they use their activity cars daily but only for short periods because again the PT and pediatrician said it’s not good for them. But the boys love them

•not so bulky high chair especially if you’re having twins. We used the one lily had and then one that straps to another chair and can recline a bit.

•ice cube trays with lids if you plan to make your own baby purées. Pre make them and then freeze in the trays. Each cube is roughly an ounce.

•pack n play as a bassinet because you’ll use it as they grow. Bassinets tend to be a waste of money because they outgrow them so fast.

•play mats are cute but also a waste of money. Blankets and toys do the trick. Plus you can easily wash them when spit up and drool inevitably get on them.

•water play mats are not a necessity but the boys love it! They got it as a gift.

•mesh bumpers for the crib. Safe for sleeping and help keep their limbs from getting stuck- most of the time

•convertible crib so you don’t have to later buy beds especially if you have twins and will need to buy two.

•dresser with a changing pad on it instead of an actual changing table

•aquaphor has been a life safer for butt cream. And you can use it really on anything. Dry hands, drool rash, diaper rash, cut or burn. We prefer the tube instead of the tub. Less messy.

•video monitor and if you’re having twins or have other children a dual screen is amazing! We have the moonybaby

•zutano booties are the only booties that have stayed on any of the kids

•our favorite swaddles which we only used for 1.5months are swaddleme on amazon

•zipper jammies but specifically ones that zip from the bottom up so you don’t have to get them totally undressed in the middle of the night

•from 0-3ish onesies that have the option to cover their hands. Hello! no baby mittens that fall off in two seconds. What a waste of money!

•didn’t need them for lily but with the boys we do – outlet covers that plug in.

•medicines- don’t wait until you need it in the middle of the night. Whether it be gripe water, Tylenol, Motrin, zarabees or Benadryl. All depending on babies age of course. Have it on hand so it’s never a rush to get it

•we don’t use night lights or music or rock the babies to sleep. We just put them down and leave. They’ve slept through the night since 3m same with lily.

•all the teething toys including frozen ones

•we did not use a bottle warmer or wipe warmer. Maybe we’re cruel parents but we wanted all the kids to be able to have a bottle anytime and not freak out with a cold wipe in the middle of the night

•plastic baby bath tub for the sink and then moved it to the tub.

•mustella cradle cap foam shampoo from amazon. The boys woke up one day with bad cradle cap. Used the shampoo and it was gone. Wish I had used it from the beginning so they never got it!

Leave a comment if you have any questions or even suggestions for us with the boys! I’m always looking for tips and tricks because less is definitely more! Share with all your soon to be mama friends! I would’ve loved all the help I could get when I was pregnant with Lily!

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