Boy advice!?

It happened.. Just as we were so proud of ourselves for thinking about moving the crib mattresses lower so the boys wouldn’t topple out, it happened. Well, he didnt fall out but I went in their room and took a picture of Wyatt standing in his crib holding onto the railing. Grinning ear to ear so happy he did it. I thought wow this is crazy. I couldn’t believe we were already at that stage.

But some how it gets worse.

Nick said before I went in, Wyatt pulled himself up. Grabbed the curtains, holding on with just the curtains. Mind you I can’t remember if Nick put up the curtain rods or if I did. If you know our family personally, you know that totally makes a difference. (I love you, babe) Anyway, he apparently started leaning backwards, looked at Nick then let go and just let Jesus take the wheel.

It was never, I repeat NEVER like this with Lily. And now it’s not just one baby it’s one wild and one crazy baby.

I laughed after the incident because our friends son is a busy body. The sweetest boy I know but so adventurous. Of course Wyatt gravitates to him whenever he’s around. They’re two peas in a pod. I can’t wait for them to grow up together and play and give both of us mamas heart attacks. The best advice I got was to invest in first aid kits. One for the house, maybe each floor? One for the car and one for my purse.

I am so thankful Wyatt has a cranial helmet to protect his head. However, I’m nervous it gives him more confidence to be mischievous and when the helmet comes off!? He’s going to have to wear a bike helmet. Might as well add the knee and elbow pads too!

The boys are their own person. They are identical. They look a like and are only .05oz different in weight. But they have different personalities. I don’t like calling them twins because I want them growing up each with their own confidence. I hope they are best friends but I’d like them to feel comfortable and capable of doing their own thing.

Until having the boys I always talked about other people’s kids as twins and didn’t think anything of it. But now, it means more to me. They are not one person. Not a single unit. They are Cooper and Wyatt. Not the Olson twins. With an ‘o’ not ‘e’ 😉

If you’ve ever been around them, (which you haven’t because it’s 2020 and we aren’t allowed to leave our houses) you’d know that Wyatt can get from one side of the room to the other in a blink of an eye even when I try explaining that he needs to stay still (a mom can dream). Cooper is a mama’s boy. He wants cuddles and to be near me. He looks for my approval or lack there of when his brother does pretty much anything.

A friend suggested a specific book for fellas like mine. Really getting to know them and how to parent. I thought being a mom of four gave me the upper hand. I’ve got this under control. Lily never opened cabinets or pulled every single book out of the book shelf. She stayed in one area and played like the princess she is.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not this time. I. Have. No. Idea. What. I’m. Doing. I thought until about age 1 I could fake it til I made it and then I’d be begging for the name of that book. Looks like I should’ve already read the book, twice. Once for each boy. Liz, maybe now is the time I start speed reading through it! Boy moms, send me all the advice!

They try taking their diapers off!? I foresee myself cleaning a lot of pee in my near future and not from anyone missing the toilet seat, I mean from anywhere in the house. Oh and I can’t begin to image the speared poop I’ll likely be calling my husband to come clean.

Speaking of poop. The boys started solids November 1 at 7 months. I pushed it off because I was/am TERRIFIED of their allergy but the pediatrician suggested we do it sooner than later. Again, different from lily. I started at 4 months with her and wasn’t worried at all besides her being allergic to eggs.

A little tangent: the day we went to go find out the results of all of Weston’s blood work and the reasoning of him passing, we had our friends babysit. We dropped Lily off. Typically I tell the baby sitter she’s allergic to eggs but since she had been to our friends before I knew that they were aware of the allergy. My friend was showering and her husband took lily and we were on our way. I was nervous and anxious to get Weston’s results and then we got a phone call. My friends husband. He asked if lily was allergic to eggs- he didn’t believe his wife because she ate almost an entire bowl of scrambled eggs and she appeared to enjoy them. Talk about stressful. Good news is we got her tested and she outgrew the allergy. Thanks Mike for figuring that out for us!

Anyway, I gave the boys avocado the first three days and then introduced prunes. I didn’t want them to get constipated so I decided to introduce them early on. Wyatt started having little nugget poops so I gave more prunes as I introduced each new food. I’m a caring mom, I didn’t want his tummy to hurt 😂

A few days later Nick informed me he had changed THREE huge poop diapers EACH in the matter of hours. Apparently it takes a few days for the prunes to work. In case you were concerned they are not backed up and I have stopped giving prunes so regularly.

Kids having their own personality and sense of control is important to me. If you follow me on social media you may have noticed Lily wears the same two pink leotards everyday. Yes, I wash them every single night. She even puts them in the wash for me so it will be clean in the morning. She has a closet full of clothes. The cutest dresses and leggings yet she chooses to wear dance leotards. If you are sick of seeing her in the same ones feel free to send a new one.

It’s not a battle I’m willing to fight. As amazing as she is, lily has the attitude of a high school girl. She uses her manners and follows the rules for the most part. Here is an example of what I mean by control. She’s almost 4 so how much control of her life can she really have? I let her choose her meals on Sunday when I make the weekly menu. We let her pick out her clothes, obviously. But when she was around 3 she fought us on the bathroom. Lily has been fully potty trained since 2. But around 3 she wouldn’t go when we told her to try. Like before leaving the house. She’d hold it then get mad when she would pee a little. So I gave up. I explained I would no longer remind her to try and go. It would be completely up to her. I swear, from that moment on, no more accidents. She goes when she needs to. She just wanted the control.

I find myself cleaning so much more than ever and getting anxious when something isn’t done. For example I can’t have the laundry sit in the drier. I don’t like the dishes being clean and left in the dishwasher. I need things to be put away right away. Nick reminded me it was because we have little control over things especially with this virus. I have to accept that my children are also feeling the effects of the virus and they also need control to feel safe.

I’m forever thankful for my children. They keep me on my toes and make me laugh daily.

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  1. Your posts are awesome! I agree that twins are two different people. Hence the non Twin like names. Not dressing them alike. They have to cater to their individual wants and needs. They will always be best friends even when they are not together. You are doing an awesome job.

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