How we “get it all done”

To start, this isn’t me bragging or saying you/your family should be the same way as mine. I have gotten comments of “you’re super mom” “how do you get everything done” “how do you have energy” and “what’s your diet!?” It’s flattering but this is what works for us and this is what alleviates my anxiety so I can function. It really is survival mode, trial and error and having a super supportive husband.

• How We start our morning

I wake up at 4:00am and sign onto work. While my computer is loading and trying to figure itself out I do any left over laundry from the night before or start a new load. Sometimes I do the dishes or I head down to my office and start working. Nick gets the kids ready for the day (god bless him). He does the dishes, gets Lily breakfast and feeds the boys. They have playtime then nap time. During nap time nick and I get one on one time with Lily. Until it is freezing out we play outside on her swing set with the dogs. This winter will likely be snow ball fights and building snowmen.

• Our cleaning schedule

Yes, we have a cleaning schedule. Yes, I would love someone to come clean my house for me. But here we are.

  • Sunday- dusting to include baseboards and light fixtures. Then vacuum the entire house.
  • Monday- good wipe down of windows and countertops.
  • Tuesday- wash everyone’s bedding.
  • Wednesday- disinfect the playroom in the basement and mop the main floor.
  • Thursday- clean the fridge and the double oven.
  • Friday- clean the vacuum filters. We use the roomba daily and the regular vacuum weekly but with dog hair they get nasty quick.
  • Saturday- clean the four bathrooms, wash the dog bowls and water the plants.

These chores might seem excessive or you may do them as needed but I found we weren’t cleaning the fridge or oven until they were gross. We would forget the last time we washed comforters. The dogs destroy our windows daily but I refuse to clean them everyday. I do laundry daily at least one load maybe two. Wash, dry, fold and put away. Lily even helps with laundry. She brings me everyone’s clothes, she’ll help fold towels and puts all of her own clothes away. We rarely have dishes piling in the sink. Lily often times helps with the dishes as well, she likes doing the silverware and her water bottles. It’s one of the only things we can control. Two infants, one toddler and two dogs can easily create a mess. I like having our house clean and ready for someone to stop by anytime because I love hosting. But please don’t come over until Covid is gone (🥴gone?)

• Keeping the kids organized

I don’t like clutter and toys everywhere if they are not being played with, it stresses me out. This probably stems back to when I lived with my mom. If you know her or have been to her house you know it’s like an antique shop in it’s own way. There might be things of value in there but my anxiety wouldn’t let me take the time to search. Sorry mom, I love you but you have too much stuff 😜

I have storage bins that are labeled for each kiddo. They range from clothes they’ve outgrown to 4T. Yes, I have bins of 4T clothes for the boys who are only 8m. Thanks to a few different friends who gave us hand me downs! Which we always gladly take! Each month I go through drawers and pile all the clothes everyone has outgrown and pull new clothes if necessary. Along with putting clothes away if we realize the boys toes are scrunched in the bottom of their footies. We also donate toys quite a bit. Three sets of grandparents spoiling the kids makes for lots of toys. This year has been great with more practical gifts that will be used for a long time and the whole family can use like board games and learning materials. So, when a holiday or birthday comes up we make a keep and donate pile. Lily enjoys giving to other kids who may not have the toy she’s willing to part with and thinks it’s cool they’ll be able to enjoy it as much as she did. She has a heart of gold even with her sassiness.

Just a portion of the totes we have. These are just the boys.

• Planning ahead for Christmas

We have been done with Christmas shopping for the kids and our families since the beginning of September. Some friends call me an over achiever but really it’s my way of feeling less stressed and having some control. I bought gifts for the kids while they were on sale and wrapped them right away. We did DIY gifts for our family members. It was cheaper and something they would cherish since the kids made it. We tried staying practical and went with coffee mugs and reusable grocery bags featuring Lily’s amazing art work! Now we can enjoy the holiday instead of last minute shopping. We also exchanged gifts with family after quarantining/testing and also a quick parking lot distanced swap.

• Meal planning/our monthly calendar

I bought a big family calendar off etsy. I put all of our appointments and anything else important on it. Nick’s schedule is different weekly so we mark his days off. We also have a shared calendar on our phone but it’s nice to have the board in the kitchen so we can look at it quickly especially if we are on the phone trying to schedule yet again another appointment. This helps keep us extra aware of what’s going on day to day. There is a space on there for a grocery list and a weekly menu. Nick likes that he can add his items to the list and I like getting groceries and not being hassled if I forgot something. Lily enjoys me making the menu every Sunday, she picks out almost every meal. We have our typical Taco Tuesday and Burger Wednesday’s. The rest she gets to pick. This helps remind Nick and I what meat we need to bring up from the basement freezer to defrost.

• Exercising

Let me start with it has taken me a long time to not care so much about the number on the scale. Before getting pregnant with the boys I was 129lbs. I have no idea how much I was before I gave birth but three days after I was 147lbs. Now 8 months postpartum I am 112lbs. All summer I ran and walked daily with my best friend (yes, best friend 😉I made it official) even into the fall I was running. I lost a lot of weight from that but I also cut out carbs and sugar until I was able to control my snacking. I LOVE snacks and candy. I started working out at home with Nick and doing YouTube videos. Bodyfit by Amy, she is great for pre and post birth but also anyone in between. She has a lot of variations! Highly recommend her! We went on hikes with all the kids weekly over the summer and beginning of fall. My strength was coming back and the weight was staying off. I started letting myself eat what I wanted in moderation. I have to keep up with all the kids and working out gives me the energy I need. I feel good about myself and more confident. But most importantly I want to show Lily that she is capable of anything. She works out with us and gets excited when she learns a new move. I’ve never talked about my weight around her. Whenever I get on the scale we talk about how strong mama is and that we both need to eat our fruits veggies and protein!

Night time routine

Nick works evening/nights so it’s the kids and me. During the boys second nap we work out, shower and I get dinner started. I feed the boys while dinner is cooking and Nick gets changed for work. We try to eat as a family and then he leaves. Lily and I play with the boys for awhile and then they take their THIRD nap! Her and I get quality mommy daughter time of nails or tea parties. They usually sleep from 6-8p then I feed them in my room while Lily gets to watch a show. Then we put them down for the night. Nick tries to stop home to help with bed time and most nights he can. After the boys are down we get Lily changed, teeth brushed, potty and prayers. You never know what this girl will pray for. We also end each night after prayer with what we are all thankful for and our favorite part of the day. It just so happened tonight Lily said her favorite part of the day was when she got a minute alone. I guess mom and dad aren’t the only ones tired from the world and the boys 🙃 once all the kids are in bed Nick heads back to work and I get some much needed me time consisting of writing, reading, Netflix but mostly falling asleep early. The kids tend to wake up anywhere from 7/8a and we start our day all over again 🤍

Some days it’s hard fitting everything in but with the help of my amazing husband it happens. Just because we have kids does not mean our lives have to be in shambles. Planning and making a priority list helps my anxiety.

Let me know if you have any tips/tricks or thoughts! I can always use suggestions on cleaning products, workouts and anything to do with decluttering the kids toys!

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