Santa who!? Amazon children’s Christmas list: on a budget

Below is a list of the majority of Christmas presents Nick and I got the kids and what their grandparents got them. We don’t want to spend a million dollars on the kids presents just to get them. Lily doesn’t believe in Santa and I don’t talk about it or force it on her. Presents are from mom dad and family. She doesn’t have a list and the boys are too young to even know what’s going on. When we talk about Christmas we talk about how it’s Jesus’ birthday, it’s about family and giving, and that presents are an added bonus but not an expectation. I spent less than $150 and Lily will be so appreciative. If there wasn’t a pandemic I would have likely got her a couple experience gifts but instead I went for activities. I asked her grandparents to also do educational or activity based gifts. She got work books for tracing letters and numbers and workbooks that have activity pages. I’ll post the link under each picture!

LAST MINUTE ADDITIONS! wooden toys from Khols! So excited for lily to be able to continue practicing letters and number with the alligator puzzle and for the boys to use their fine motor skills with stacking!

1. A couple years ago Lily’s friend Jack had this same pogo toy. She was too young to do it on her own but now is the perfect time. It’s for indoor and outdoor use which means she can get all kinds of energy out during these long winter months! It’ll help her with her coordination and balance which she’s pretty decent at already so I can only imagine how good she’ll be at it!

2. I’m really excited about this present! It says for ages 8+ but with some help I’m sure she’ll be fine! Lily loves painting and it’ll be neat to hang it outside on our front porch this spring!

3. This is going to be stocking stuffer! The “markers” are filled with water. When she draws on the white it shows a picture that starts with the letter. We have been working on letters a lot and trying to get lily to recognize letters with the name of something. We didn’t put her in preschool because of the pandemic so any work we can do with her is important! It’ll be fun and exciting for her yet educational. It’s a win win 😏

4. Like I wrote in my last post, I hate clutter. This gift is something we can make together. After a couple days of fun and the excitement wears off, I can throw it away. We’ll get quality time together doing something really “cool” but I won’t have to add it to the playroom!

5. Lily has quite a few American Girl Dolls and she loves playing princess dress up. Again, this is something we can decorate together and she can use for awhile but when she stops playing with it I won’t be sad to throw it out. Kids grow out of toys all the time. We donate what we can, sell some other but sometimes it’s nice just to throw things in the trash! No, just me?

6. Lily loves having flowers in her room and pictures she made hung on her wall. She will love painting this stained glass and being able to hang it on her window to look at everyday when she’s playing. She’s so imaginative I wanted to make sure I was getting gifts that helped spark her creative side!

7. We love watching birds. Lily even likes seagulls at the beach 🥴 probably because she knows I don’t like them. Anyway, our neighbor has a bird house that we talk about often. At our old house under our deck there was a bird nest and through the cracks we could see the eggs and then saw the babies when they hatched. I’m hoping we could put a couple bird houses outback so she and the boys can learn about birds and their babies. It’s even better that she will be able to make her own!

8. Lily loves painting so this is another activity she can do and either put them on a shelf in her room or her brothers. Then eventually I’ll throw them out when no one plays with them anymore. It’s cheap but fun to do.

9. I got overly excited about this one and gave it to her already! It is THE FUNNIEST game. No reading involved. We spend hours playing. Lily likes doing all the activities while I guess but sometimes she lets us take turns. If you have toddlers and don’t have this. It is well worth the month! Small container and hours of laughs. She learned so much from it too. If there’s something she doesn’t know, for instance a skunk. We talked about skunks and how they smell and why they smell. Fun and educational, makes this mama happy!

10. I was going to get this for the boys but their grandparents asked for ideas and we suggested it. They got it two weeks ago and LOVE IT. Lily enjoys playing with it as well so it’s a winner all around. The boys can play on them and practice standing without me worrying they’ll get hurt. And since lily loves them I think this will be something that will last our family a long time! The boys are learning to sit and their physical therapist was excited to see we had these. She showed us different ways to use each piece to help them sit.

11. I actually just bought this. And am using it because well both boys are ON THE MOVE. I wanted to contain them but have enough space we could all go in and play. I bought additional panels to make the space even bigger. We keep toys that are soft and safe for them and the pieces that are above. Lily likes she can still play with them but they can’t chew on all her toys.

12. This is probably my favorite of all the presents. A few of the kids grandparents got them all kinds of board games. These are just some of the ones they’ll open throughout the month of December. We didn’t want to wait until Christmas since we’re stuck inside with this pandemic. I’ve always wanted to have game night. Nick and I used to play war on his nights off after lily was in bed. Now, we can have weekly game night with Lily on his night off. I already made space in a closet to store them. So many great memories are going to be made.

All of these are on amazon!

There’s still time. Any other great ideas I should look into!?


  1. Games we love include Zingo!, Five Little Fish, The Humpty Dumpty Game (similar to Don’t Break The Ice but vertical), Tumblin’ Monkeys/Monkey Tree, and stomp rocket! We are also obsesseddd with MagnaTiles. He uses them every day. Getting an off brand is tricky because they very often break and let magnets out (dangerous!), or don’t stick well. We have the Cossy brand and they are super sturdy and super magnetic. They are also a gift that you can buy expansion sets for creating more intricate things as they grow. They are also fun to use the tiles on a light up table!


    • Thank you!!!! I think she may have gotten don’t break the ice but we won’t know until she makes her way through the gifts lol my mom doesn’t remember all the ones she got her. We haven’t tried any of the others but she does love magnetiles!


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