Working out with three kids during Covid

May 2020- December 2020

I talked about this a little in a previous post but had so many people comment or message me recently about how I look. I’ve been asked what my diet is, how I have energy to workout with three kids at home, and what my workouts look like. If you already have a good routine, you go to a gym, have a trainer, go to CrossFit then this may seem silly. Feel free to share your ideas with me, I’m always looking for something new to try! When the pandemic started we bought a workout bench/cage, elliptical and weights. It wasn’t feasible to leave the house with a toddler and two newborns plus the gym would be expensive for all of us. More importantly I’m too worried about Corona to bring my kids anywhere.

Honestly my day doesn’t start off too healthy. I am one extreme or the other. Nick either brings me coffee in my office because I’m too busy working to eat or he brings me chocolate chip waffles. Not kidding I ate them for the first three weeks after having Cooper and Wyatt then decided I needed to pull my life together.

After making a mental change with my diet I decided I felt good enough to workout. I started slow with running outside. I cut out almost all sugar and carbs for THREE longgggg months. I was so strict but I knew if I did it that long it’d become a habit. During those three months I ate eggs and bacon for breakfast or just coffee. I had salad with veggies and chicken for lunch. I had a protein and veggie for dinner. I ate veggies and fruit for snacks throughout the day and salt n vinegar almonds. If you haven’t tried them you need to!

I began running daily and doing a short workout. I mentioned it in a previous post but I swear by Bodyfit by Amy on YouTube. Her workouts are perfect for anyone. Nick even does some with me! Lily joins and does the moves she can or wants to. Amy gives variations for wherever you are in your fitness journey.

I relied a lot on my running to help with my mental health and weight loss. I started at a slow two miles and by the end of summer I was up to anywhere between 6-10 miles a day.

When the boys take their second nap around 2pm and I clock out for the day; Nick Lily and I workout. Then we shower, do chores, get dinner ready, feed the boys and Nick goes to work. Lily and I play with the boys then they go down for their third nap. Lily and I get quality one on one time and I sometimes squeeze in some more chores. After I feed the boys their last bottle and get everyone to bed I prep coffee for the next morning, finish dishes and laundry, prep all the bottles for the next day, then go to bed around 9/930.

MAY: 1 month+ PP- I ran a total of 33 slow and steady miles. All I wanted to do was ease myself back into working out. I started my healthy eating and cutting out sugar and carbs. I started at 137lbs

JUNE: 2 months+ PP- we started hiking a lot with the kids. I started Amy’s workouts and ran 77 total miles. I continued my eating habits and started drinking more water (I can go days without drinking anything more than coffee). Down to 129lbs. This was my pre-pregnancy weight.

JULY: 3 months+ PP – I wanted to run at least 100 miles. I ended up running 101. This was a huge accomplishment. It wasn’t something out of the ordinary for me but being only a few months post partum I was so proud of my body. I would run before anyone in the house woke up and then do my workout with Nick while the boys napped later in the day. It was also nice that I lost a little bit of weight, down to 122lbs.

AUGUST: 4 months+ PP – at this point I started allowing myself some treats and freedom in what I wanted to eat. I don’t like counting calories and I don’t like depriving myself. It makes me want snacks even more. I surprisingly was able to maintain most of my healthy eating with treats here and there. I ran a total of 130miles along with doing Amy’s workouts. I weighed 118lbs. It was the lowest I’d been since probably freshman year of high school.

SEPTEMBER: 5 months+ PP – I continued everything from the previous months EXCEPT all the running. I knew cold Vermont weather was creeping in and I wanted to get used to the elliptical. I did weight training 5 days a week with about 20 minutes on the elliptical and one day a week I got outside to run. I ran a total of 18 miles. Got down to 115lbs even without much running.

OCTOBER: 6 months+ PP – I did the same as September with weight training, Bodyfit by Amy and some occasional running. I had a total of 26 miles. I decided I wanted to start trying to do pull ups and get 10 by Christmas. I read the book Way of the Warrior Kid by Jocko Willink. In the book the uncle helped his nephew do 10 pull-ups. He started by hanging as long as he could followed up by one pull up at a time with breaks between until he did 10. And eventually at the end of summer the nephew did 10! I was able to barely do one at this point. Down to 110lbs. I was not actively trying to lose weight.

NOVEMBER: 7 months+ PP – I decided I wanted to focus more on my pull ups since Christmas was quickly approaching. I worked on back exercises and started hanging on the bar and doing sets of a few pull ups. By the end of the month I was doing 5 that looked decent and the 6th was pretty sloppy. I did a 20-30 minute Bodyfit by Amy workout followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical almost daily. I ran 13 total miles. I was able to run outside in shorts and a t-shirt one day! Stayed consistent at 110lbs.

DECEMBER: 8 months+ PP – I am continuing my YouTube videos, pull-ups and elliptical. If the weather is nice I’ll try to squeeze in one last winter outdoor run. The goal is still 10 pull-ups by Christmas. Before writing this I was able to do 8! Another consistent month of 110lbs so far.

I’m working on building my strength back and feeling confident in my body. Lily comments a lot about how strong I am and I want to make sure she sees her body in a positive way as well. She will learn from what she sees and hears. I need to make sure I’m being genuine when I talk about myself.

Everyone needs to do what they think is best for their body. I’m not a trainer. I have no idea what I’m doing but I know it’s working. I lost weight, I have more energy, I’m liking the way I look and I’m not depriving myself of pizza or dessert. If you’re trying something and it doesn’t work, don’t give up, try something different!

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