Hi! I’m Lindsey and a mom of four.

This seems crazy to be introducing myself and my life on a blog. I thought about doing it awhile ago when my son passed away. I wanted to help other women who may be going through something similar. But I kept thinking, who am I to help anyone. I barely kept my own head above water.

I have a free spirited almost four year old that has taught me to always be positive. She finds the silver lining in pretty much anything that goes wrong. Unless we eat her snacks or don’t let her go outside to play.

I recently decided to join the rest of the world and read Girl Wash Your Face. Anddddd here we are. I am finally writing the blog I had always told myself I was interested in doing. The ones reading this that know me and know that I have 6 month old twins and a toddler probably think I’m crazy. How does she have time? Why does she want everyone to know her business?

I know people had and maybe still have questions about the death of our son. I love talking about him and I am finally in a space where I want people to ask questions. I want to know what they are wondering or thinking. I want to help the scared mom who has extra fluid. The mom who’s in the NICU battling mom guilt because she has another child at home. The mom who wants to make all the right decisions when in reality there isn’t a perfect answer.

Weston’s second birthday is this month so what better way to celebrate then tell the story of his life and what our life looks like now.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I am looking forward to future posts. 🙂 I’m sorry about the loss of your son, I think it is extremely therapeutic to write and share with others what we go through, whether easy or hard. My daughter’s autism is a big topic for me because I am constantly learning, growing, grieving (in different ways) and it helps a LOT not to go through it just with my family.
    Anyway, hi. I’m a mom of five and I’m happy to meet you.


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